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To whom it may concern,

Moonjump is a server that redirects you to a random page harvested from the arcane depths of the web.

The easiest way to jump is to click the large logo at the center of this page. You can also add to your bookmarks bar.

Moonjump aims to spark curiosity and provide a portal to the vast collection of interesting material hidden by the commercial web.

The source material is aggregated with care by users of, Hacker News, and Gossip Web. Since this accumulation is performed by hand, pages are saved because they had an effect on the users who saved them. The goal is to find something that has an effect on you.

This collection of curious content saved to channels or posted on Hacker News is a trove of handcrafted treasures. But as our habits have taught us in the contemporary era of web surfing, we are prone to doomscrolling (and even doom-bookmarking).

Moonjump makes a decision for you by selecting something random from a deep sea of unconventional content. Results may be peculiar, profound, or absolute nonsense. But you can always close the tab and jump again.

The search engine is powered by Marginalia, a project which indexes non-commercial content and may surprise you with sites you perhaps weren't aware of. Search queries on Moonjump use the Marginalia API to redirect you to a random result.

To jump to a random site from or Hacker News, click the links above the search bar. Otherwise, click on the large logo to jump blindly.

Learn more tricks and contribute on GitHub:

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